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Tempered glass£º

Tempered Glass and Heat Strengthened Glass is formed by heating glass to the softening point in a horizontal tempering stove and then quickly cooling it with cold air,This technique resists compressive stress on the surface and tensile stress inside which provides bending /shock resistance. Changed the glass original physics performance. It overcomes the glass original operational performance and increases the use scope.

[ Flat tempered glass ]

1¡¢Flat tempered glass£º
3mm thin tempered glass : the Max specification is 1200x2400mm, professional quantified 20 containers per month
Total exports of tempered glass per month is about 60 containers

[ Bending tempered glass ]

2¡¢Bending tempered glass£º

[ Ceramic tempered glass ]

Ceramic tempered glass£º

Ceramic tempered glass is used inorganic ceramic glaze (printing ink), printed to glass surface then drying and tempering. So the ceramic obtain permanent agglutination in the glass surface. It will be one kind of wear resistance acid and alkali the decorative material. Our company has automatic production line for the ceramic and silk India, it could eliminate quality questions such as the non-uniform thickness and Pinhole by the reason of equipment or the artificial process.We can provide the high quality product promptly to customer, the annual output 200,000 square meters.
Product characteristic:

1, Produce many kinds of designs satisfy customer's request , extremely good for decoration, the color is stable and non-fading;

2, High security, it has characteristic of tempered glass;

3, Adumbral obviously

Applicable scope: Widespread used in construction decoration; also be used in the family glass and the electronic glass frequently.
Thickness: 3mm-19mm